Three new high quality wallpapers each day


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If you are one of those millions of users who like changing the wallpaper nearly everyday, Pic-a-POD is a must-have program in your computer.

It is a very simple application with which you will have access to high quality pictures ready to be set as wallpaper.

Pic-a-POD connects to 3 different servers, showing you pictures of National Geographic, astronomy and more. You will enjoy 3 different wallpapers each day. And you will be able to set them as wallpaper with just one click.

In addition, al pictures are saved in the same folder. If the first time you run the program a message like Picture is not in the correct format to be displayed you will have to set a folder to store the pictures.

With Pic-a-POD you can automatically change you wallpaper at a certain time.

Pic-a-POD is easy-to-use and totally free. Do you want anything else?
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